Seventeen, "Thanks to Carat, we have had a joyful year"

Seventeen held a special year-end party on "Star Road". On December 3, through OSEN's Naver V LIVE channel, the program "Star Road" was aired and showed Seventeen's outstanding sense of entertainment through various corners, starting with "Seventeen Awards." Making a debut in May 2015, Seventeen grabbed audiences' attention as "a self-composed idol group". The group always pursuits their characteristic music and as time passes, they are gradually becoming more mature. Seventeen's members directly composed music, wrote lyrics, choreographed dance moves, thereby filling up the stage when performing. This is a group that makes the audience get curious and look forward whenever their comeback draws near. After successfully completing the concert ''2018 Seventeen Concert 'Ideal Cut''' within five months, Seventeen met with OSEN and shared their stories comfortably. The following is the Q&A section with Seventeen. - How do you feel when recording for "Star Road"? - S.Coups: Thanks to the year-end party as well as lots of the content that has been prepared for "Star Road", we can finish 2018 smoothly. Each of us has our own individual schedule, so it is not easy to gather together, eat and rest like this. However, I am very happy that Seventeen can join together for a meal and finish a nice year. - Opening in Seoul in June and ending with the Seoul encore concert in November, you have met fans all over the world for the past five months with the "2018 Seventeen Concert 'Ideal Cut'." How do you feel? - Mingyu: We feel grateful for receiving love from so many fans. During the tour, we were lucky that no member got injured and the tour was completed successfully. Although I always feel the affection of the fans, still, I feel so magical and grateful that the fans love us even from such a distance. To respond to that fondness, we will create better stages, better songs to meet fans. Thank you. - Seventeen debuted four years ago, so what is the biggest difference between the present and the time you just debuted? - Hoshi: There are many differences. The number of vehicles used for transport is now three. And when we just debuted, the members were adolescences but now everyone has grown up. - Mingyu: Since this is the fourth year, whenever releasing a new album, we take more care of it and every time we prepare for a certain stage, we feel pressured with the thought that we have to deliver better images. - Wonwoo: We have accumulated a lot of experience and seem to know more. - S.Coups: The surroundings seem to become more comfortable. We used to feel a little bit of anxiety about television station and recording, now we have adapted to this so we feel more comfortable. - Seventeen is known as the pioneer group in self-producing your own music. Where do you get the inspiration? - Woozi: I always say that I have no inspiration. Like today, we just eat together and talk a lot. When sharing stories like that, what comes to my mind is the inspiration. Simply speaking, when the members gather, ideas and thoughts often come up. - When mentioning Seventeen, people will think of freshness. Is there any other concept that you want to try? - Vernon: We want to show the original and natural image of Seventeen like what the group has done so far. - What is the topic that is discussed the most among Seventeen recently? - Vernon: These days, we talked about holding a concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. - S.Coups: We talked about it a lot. We talked about the fact that we once went there when we were trainees. Everything is about Olympic Gymnastics Arena. - Please share something you want to say to Carat. - Mingyu: Our beloved Carat, I am very happy to be with you in 2018. Hopefully, in 2019, everything will be the same. I hope we will create happy memories together. I love you. - Wonwoo: I hope you have a happier year in 2019 than 2018. Thank you. - Hoshi: "There really is no better way to say thank you than by the lyrics of a song. We are always grateful to you, we wish you a happy 2019. - Jun: Like what I said at the end of 2017, I just wish we will be as happy and healthy as we are now. And in the future, the group will work harder to bring great performances to Carat. - Seungkwan: We ourselves are eagerly waiting to see how we bring joy to fans through our songs and performances in 2019. We will work hard, prepare well and try our best in return to Carat's expectation. Thank you all. - Jeonghan: I wish you a great year in 2019. Everything will go as planned. We will try harder to let Carat see a better Seventeen. Wish Carat all the happiness. I love you. - Joshua: First of all, health is the most important thing. Everyone, please always remember to pay attention to your health. Vitamins are really important. Remember to take vitamins and eat a lot of fruits. It's winter now, so it's very cold. I heard that this winter would be freezing. Therefore, if you wear Lafuma's padding, I think everyone can spend a warm winter. (everyone laughed). I hope everyone can eat more delicious food and always be happy. Love you. - Woozi: It's all thanks to Carat that we have been extremely happy in 2018. We will work harder to create a joyful 2019 for both Carat and Seventeen. Thank you. - The8: In the future, I hope everyone will be healthy without getting sick and live happily. Seventeen always work hard for Carat so please look forward a lot to 2019. - S.Coups: I hope that every day will go by in happiness, that I will be able to meet Carat every day and create a 2019 year with lots of joys. - Dino: "The reason for my existence is you ~ ♬ I want to make you smile bright as the spring ~♪" (everyone laughed). Everyone has said all the great words so I tried expressing my wish by singing. Like the lyrics, in 2019, we will often make you smile bright as the spring, as the beautiful flowers. Goodbye. - Vernon: Christmas is coming, so I hope that everyone will have a Merry Christmas together with your beloved ones. Let's all have a great new year. I always feel grateful to you. - DK: You have worked hard in 2018. In 2019, the most important thing is not to get hurt, so I hope that you will be healthy and everything goes smoothly for you. Like how you have always supported and loved Seventeen, the group will always think of you and work hard in 2019. Therefore, we hope that you will look forward to and cheer for the group a lot. Merry Christmas and happy new year and remember to eat rice cake soup as well. Wish you happiness. Thank you. [OSEN = Reporter Ji Min Kyung] / [Photo] Reporter Lee Dae Sun Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN! ▶

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BEST: Park Seo Joon elegant in black, WORST: Chen-convenience is priority

A collection of the best and worst outfits of Korean artists in the day with the fairest comparison and evaluation. [BEST] Park Shin Hye Park Shin Hye chose the "standard" elegant fashion style. The mid-length white dress with the moderately deep V-neck helped her appearance stand out. With a pair of high heels in nude color that made her legs look longer, she also took everyone by surprise with her perfect body proportion. In addition, since this was a jewelry brand's event, Park Shin Hye delicately simplified her outfit's details to highlight the jewelry accessories. Park Seo Joon This is the perfect "warm boyfriend" or "office guy" look. Park Seo Joon showcased a neat all-black fashion style that every male between 20 and 30 will want to try once. The actor moderately mixed a pair of appropriately tight trousers with a white T-shirt, a black sweater along with a tidy black coat, giving off a feeling that was neither too simple nor too adorned. The naturally combed hairstyle also played an important role in completing this outfit. [WORST] Kim Ye Won This is a regrettable outfit because it looks too ordinary. In an official press conference taking place in this extremely cold weather, Kim Ye Won chose a warm wool dress, mixed with a pair of brown ankle boots. However, the dress had a vague length. If the dress had been a little longer or shorter, it would have shown the actress's elegant body lines. Additionally, the ankle boots also made Kim Ye Won's legs look significantly shorter. Chen (EXO) It seems that the outfit of Chen (EXO) was too comfortable. His airport fashion only focused on convenience, from the black beanie hat, yellow shirt, black pants to the sneakers and the cross-body bag. It looks like the outfit that teenagers often wear to the supermarket near their houses. For EXO - the group that always attracts the public's attention, this style has left a great regret. Reporter Park Jung Sun Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN! ▶

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HyunA, E'Dawn: One glowingly beautiful, one's pants unzipped

A collection of Korean artists' best and worst outfits in the day with the fairest comparison and evaluation. [BEST] Gong Hyo Jin This is the winter fashion that people want to follow. Despite the simple and neat costume, just the cocoon silhouette coat with the rolled-up sleeves as the highlight was enough to show Gong Hyo Jin's personality. In addition, her single braid tilted to one side was the most important key to help complete this fashion style. HyunA HyunA is an artist who follows the sexy style but she can still bring about the cute vibe. HyunA's Hippie perm was perfectly suited to cloak coat, short strap crossbody bag, and horn-rimmed glasses. The crew socks combined with ankle boots have added the lovely charm to the outfit. [WORST] E'Dawn Did he forget to button up his pants or want to become a new trendsetter? In the front, E'Dawn's pants were proudly "wide open", it seemed like he wanted to display his underwear. Even if this is a new "variation" of hip-hop sagging pants, it has gone too far. In addition, the bleach-blonde hair and unified eyebrows made his fragile image become more prominent. Cha Eun Woo It seems that he is too dependent on his handsome face and neglected his fashion style. If we examine closely, the outfit this time lacks some details. Although the white sweater helped his fair skin to become more prominent, the vague length of the jeans made his long legs look significantly shorter. This "serious man" style is regrettable because there is no noticeable highlight. Reporter Lee Ah Young Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

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Five K-biz "goddesses" confess to be "genuine F.A"

From Na Eun (Apink) to Rosé (Blackpink), my female stars in Korean showbiz drew attention when revealing they had never been in love. ▲ Son Na Eun (Apink) In the interview before the premier of the movie "The Wrath" that Son Na Eun recently starred in, she attracted attention when revealing, "Technically speaking, I'm F.A." Before that, she once confessed that she was F.A while filming for the show "We Got Married" (MBC) with Taemin (SHINee). Son Na Eun shared, "I have gone a half way of my 20s. Maybe that's why I also want to love and be loved. I think in order to understand diverse emotions, we have to be in love. I'm not the type of person who can fall in love right at first sight and love passionately. I'm the one who spends a long time to watch the person then love comes. Probably because of that, I missed many chances so I haven't dated anyone until now." ▲ Nam Ji Hyun Recently, Nam Ji Hyun has also drawn attention when revealing herself as a true F.A in a recent interview conducted after the drama "100 Days My Prince" (tvN) ended. Like another interview two years ago, the actress brought laughter when saying that she was F.A, "Two years have passed by but I still have nothing new to say. It is so sad but true." Nam Ji Hyun revealed the secret of becoming a "queen of melodramas" despite having never had any love experience, "Actually, I imagined a lot about what I would be like if I was in love. It seems that I will change a lot when I'm in love. I also think that I will love those who bring a feeling like a friend. Last year I felt urgent and obsessed with having a lover, but now I think I'm suitable for the style of loving when destiny comes." ▲ Kim So Hyun Kim So Hyun is also one of the "goddesses" who have never been in a love relationship. In the past, in an interview when she finished filming "Radio Romance" (KBS2), she once said, "Actually I have never had a boyfriend. But when I say that, no one believes me. But I have never dated anyone, actually. To the extent that I really want to say 'I have ever dated'." In particular, Kim So Hyun - a freshman in the school year of 18 at Hanyang University's Department of Theater and Film - made everyone burst into laughter when sharing, "It's still hard for me to express fluttering or dreamy feelings. In the future, I want to be in a beautiful and youthful relationship. However, I don't like dating someone who studies in the same school as me. I do not want my first date to turn into my 'ugly past'." ▲ Chungha Chungha - an emerging star exemplifying sexiness - is also an F.A. She appeared on the show "Ji Suk Jin's 2PM Date" (MBC Radio FM4U) aired earlier and was asked "Are you an F.A?" by DJ Ji Suk Jin. Chungha replied, "I'm not entirely an F.A. I used to send text messages back and forth for a whole month with a friend." Then, DJ Ji Suk asked, "To that extent, you are definitely an F.A. So what is your ideal boyfriend?" Chungha replied, "I don't have an exact ideal type. But it'd be nice if he often smiles and is a gentle person." ▲Rosé (Blackpink) Rosé (Blackpink) also surprised everyone when unveiling that she also was an "inborn single lady". Before that, Blackpink attended the entertainment show "Party People" (SBS) and shared, "In YG, dating, drinking, smoking, going to clubs are the prohibition. Tattoos and cosmetic surgery also aren't allowed." She added, "When I was 15 years old, I became a trainee of YG Entertainment; therefore, I haven't been in a relationship until now." The singer also drew attention when mentioning her ideal type which was "a man who is good at singing and playing guitar." [Photo] OSEN DB [OSEN= Reporter Kim Na Hee] / Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

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Airport fashion: Rosé fashionable, Donghae crouchs of coldness

A collection of Korean artists' best and worst outfits in the day with the fairest comparison and evaluation. <BEST> Rosé (Blackpink) Rosé (Blackpink) mixed a mustang jacket - this winter's favorite item - harmoniously with her outfit. Her light brown mustang jacket highlighted by cutting line design matched her hair color. The mini-bag was also in the same color, creating a comfortable fashion style. Rosé was able to show off her slender legs with the black skinny jeans. Moreover, the high heels she put on even made her legs thinner. This is how Rosé creates an airport-style that is comfy yet fashionable. Sowon (Gfriend) Sowon (Gfriend) appeared at the airport early in the morning. She wore a cap, put on headphones and unhurriedly walked on her way to exit. Sowon was going to a warm country so she dressed in many layers of clothing so that she could take it on and off easily. In contrast to the boyfriend coat highlighting her slender body, Sowon created an opposition when showing off her whole body with a pair of skinny jeans. The leader of Gfriend indeed caught the eyes of everyone with a fashion style that everyone wants to imitate. <WORST> Ryeowook (Super Junior) Ryeowook gave up keeping warmth to choose an outfit with just three items including a white T-shirt, a pair of black jeans and a boxy coat which is popular lately. He also added a hat and shoes in white, giving a sense of harmony to the outfit. Though there was nothing to be complained about, this outfit drew a lot of disappointment as it was not suitable for winter, making Ryeowook have to walk in crouching position with a freezing body. Donghae (Super Junior) Donghae (Super Junior) missed both fashionable and warm elements. He gave off the vibe of a cool autumn boy with a sweater and checkered pants; however, he was shaking and grasping his scarf because of the bitter cold. Without any jackets or cloaks, the image of him walking only with a scarf left great regret. Wearing a high-class pair of fur slip-on shoes and passing by in a hurry, Donghae's look was like someone who was strolling in the house. Reporter Hwang Ji Young Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

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Survival programs throughout Korea's periods

Recently, there are a massive number of auditions and survival shows. Seeing the success of "Produce 101", numerous other programs have also been launched. Among them, there are artists who will achieve success while others take unfortunate failure. However, "Produce 101" is not the beginning of the survival genre, because the earliest show was "Akdong Club". Thanks to idols who came from this show in 2002, popular shows such as "Produce", "Idol School" and "The Unit" could be created after that. Let's learn more about the history of Korea's idol producing programs below. ◆ "Akdong Club" - the origin of survival show "Akdong Club" was once just a corner in the program "Achieve The Goal Saturday" (MBC). After being broadcast as a program for the first time in 2001, it received a lot of affection from the audience. This program recorded the process whereby people dreaming of becoming artists participating in auditions, being selected and then debuted in an idol group. "Akdong Club" was loved by the Korean. The five-member group including Im Dae Suk, Kwon Se Eun, Lee Tae Geun, Jung Yi Deun, Jung Yoon Don was debuted with a song that was a joint effort of leading Korean musicians at the time such as Joo Young Hoon, Yoon Il Sang, Ahn Jung Hoon, etc. Even in difficult debut conditions, "Within three months, if they cannot appear in the Top 3 of central stations' music programs, then the group will be disbanded," the mentioned five-piece group still came at the third place on "Inkigayo", impressing everyone back then. However, that popularity did not last long. Quickly emerging as the "rising group" when debuting with "Remember", the group disbanded after the promotional activities for the second song "Illusion". Then, three members Lee Tae Geun, Jung Yi Deun, and Jung Yoon Don continued to work as members of a group named The A.D. but did not get a significant response. Among them, Jung Yoon Don is the one who still has regular activities in the entertainment industry. He also revealed his recent situation when participating in "Superstar K", "Duet Song Festival". ◆ "Produce 101" - Unconditional success An exceptional show was born. "Produce 101" has made three consecutive home runs from the debut of I.O.I to Wanna One and IZone. The show follows the format of choosing 11-12 people from 101 trainees to debut. Since its beginning, "Produce 101" has garnered a lot of affection from the audience and stepped up to the equal level of "Superstar K" - an iconic survival show of Mnet. Notably, Wanna One has consistently reaped significant successes such as selling millions of debut album copies, appearing in a variety of commercials and entertainment programs, holding international tours and receiving the Daesang Award at year-end awards ceremonies after only a year of debut, etc, In addition, the groups such as IBI, JBJ, Rainz, etc. also debuted and received a lot of love from the public. It is expected that the program "Produce 4" following Wanna One will take place in April 2019, raising the public's expectation higher and higher while it is a high probability that they will bring in unconditional successes. ◆ "Boys24", "Idol School" - Weak beginning, different results Following the heat of "Produce 101", the selection programs for boy groups "Boys24" and girl groups "Idol School" were conducted. "Boys24" picked the last members after hundreds of offline performances. Meanwhile, "Idol School" quickly formed a girl group by holding a survival competition. In the modest attention of the public, two groups In2It and fromis_9 were formed with a humble beginning. However, the development of fromis_9 still has a higher momentum than In2It. After debuting, this girl group worked hard with the songs "Glass Shoes", "To Heart", "DKDK", "Love Bomb". Compared with the insignificant reaction from the public at the time of their debut, right now, fromis_9 is gradually building up their position as a potential group. Among the recently debuted girl groups, fromis_9 owns a strong fandom and receives a lot of anticipation for their future activities. ◆ "The Unit" - Short duration but enthusiastic "The Unit" has drawn attention as it is the project giving new opportunities to artists who debuted but could not shine yet. The boy group UNB and girl group UNI.T, who debuted after the show ended, were active in a short seven-month period, then said farewell to fans and returned to their original positions. [OSEN = Reporter Jung Ji Won] / [Photo] Mnet, Akdong Club, IN2IT, fromis_9, UNB, UNI.T Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN! ▶

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Jo Bo Ah youthful while Narsha excessive in all-black style

Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Bo Ah attended the press conference launching the new drama "My Strange Hero" (SBS). Besides, Narsha and Lee Chung Ah also showed up at the press conference of tvN's new program "Amor Fati", where the stars will travel with the proud grandfathers, grandmothers who raised them alone. While Yoo Seung Ho and Jo Ho Ah showcased the brilliant couple style with an all-black fashion, Narsha and Lee Jung Ah drew in great disappointment with their dowdy outfits. <BEST> Jo Bo Ah Jo Bo Ah's visual has shone brighter after playing the leading role in a television drama. The lace ribbon on her velvet dress showed off her distinctive feminine and lovely charm. The ankle boots, along with the shoulder-length bob haircut also contributed to highlighting her cuteness. A smile constantly available on her face helped to create positive energy of Jo Bo Ah. Yoo Seung Ho Yoo Seung Ho has shaken off the image of a teenage boy and became a perfect man. Without having to be too adorned, Yoo Seung Ho's presence itself is enough to complete a fashion style. It seems that he is also aware of that so he chose for himself a neat black suit mixed with a white T-shirt, giving off a mature vibe. Although the falling belt didn't look too good, the outfit was still fine thanks to its overall all-black look. The hairstyle with the fringe covering his forehead which heightened naturalness was another excellent choice made by the actor. <WORST> Narsha Despite dressing in an all-black outfit, Narsha still looked too fierce. A costume similar to that of a waiter like this would probably be more suitable for a dinner party. The long and sloppy pants even covered shoes she was wearing while the shirt was a bit excessive with the sheer on both sides of the sleeves and a big bow on the collar. The plus point was her neatly tied hairstyle. However, her earrings were almost as big as the face. But they were also overshadowed by the large bow on the shirt. Eventually, the outfit brought an unexpected result to the owner. Lee Chung Ah Lee Chung Ah has always been voted as the "Event goddess" thanks to her flawless ability to coordinate clothes. However, at the event that day, her beauty was partly reduced. The dress with brilliant zebra patterns is completely opposite to Lee Chung Ah's elegant image. There's no telling whether the outfit originally looks like that or the costume did not show any hint of luxury because Lee Chung Ah was the one wearing it. Her loose hair with an average length also caused 2% of regret Reporter Jo Yeon Kyung Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

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BEST: Key's cozy outfit, WORST: Noh Hong Chul's incomprehensible style

A collection of Korean artists' best and worst outfits in the day with the fairest comparison and evaluation. <BEST> Key (SHINee) Key appeared as a "winter guy" at the official press conference launching the program "Seoulmate 2" (O'live). He harmoniously coordinated leather shoes, black jeans and a checkered jacket with the fleece as a highlight. The outfit gave off a neat yet warm and cozy feel. Besides the outfit in harmony with his attractively tall appearance, Key added a bright smile on his face. Actress Hong Soo Hyun Hong Soo Hyun showed up amid the public's interest in the fraud controversy of parents of rapper Microdot - the boyfriend with whom she's publicly dating. The actress put on a long see-through wine-colored dress with beaded details perfectly mixed with a pair of beige high heels. Notably, the see-through dress with a waistline adhering to her body highlighted Hong Soo Hyun's slender figure. <WORST> Entertainer No Hong Chul After the official broadcast schedule of "The Hungry" (MBC) was set, Noh Hong Chul attended the press conference prior to the broadcast of the first episode. The artist was enjoying the happiness with the brightest face. Although his expressions were really positive, his abstruse fashion style could hardly get the sympathy from anyone. The outfit was stuffed with too many layers, from the white sweater to the gray shirt, not to mention the excessively large trouser legs. There was no hint of harmony in his overall attire. Comedian Kim Jun Ho Kim Jun Ho attended the press conference of the program "Seoulmate 2" with a bright smile on his face. Following season 1, the male comedian continues to join season 2 of the show. Thanks to his perseverance, Kim Jun Ho is considered the face of "Seoulmate". Showing up at the press conference, Kim Jun Ho dressed in a sweater which had four colors blue, black, white and red, combined with jeans and white sneakers. Thanks to this styling, despite already having turned 40, he still radiated a young and fresh look. However, since the outfit's color is quite similar to the backdrop, he seemed undistinguished. Reporter Hwang So Young Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN! ▶

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Representative "Ice Princesses" among Kpop girl groups

These female artists become more beautiful because of arrogance. Jessica (former SNSD member) is considered the typical "Ice Princess" of girl groups. She has a cold-looking beauty which covers many different charms in it. Jessica is considered not only a representative of the chic charisma but also one of the leaders of girl groups' "Ice Princesses". Recently, Krystal (f(x)) - Jessica's younger sister, and Jennie (Blackpink), have been receiving a lot of affection from the audience as members of girl groups who possess diverse attraction and radiate the aura of an "Ice Princess". # Krystal (f(x)) Krystal, a member of f(x) and Jessica's sister, is a typical face for the concept of a cold princess among girl groups. She owns a flawless appearance like a doll, which delivers a haughty and urban vibe. It is the arrogant feeling, which is distinct from yet resembles Jessica, that makes Krystal stand out. Not only on stages but also in TV series, Krystal still shines with her chic beauty. # Irene (Red Velvet) Irene (Red Velvet) is another successor who continues the tradition of "SM's cold beauties" following Jessica and Krystal. In addition to her cuteness, Irene often exudes a chic and powerful charm through Red Velvet's teasers. She was also chosen as "the most beautiful girl" among recent girl groups. The lovely look when smiling brightly and the chic vibe when putting on no expression are the opposite charms of Irene. # Jennie (Blackpink) Blackpink's member Jennie is famous for being a new type of "Ice Princess". In fact, Jennie often displays her typical adorable appeal, which is that she looks like a bunny when smiling. However, her attractive appearance on stage is just like that of an "Ice Princess". Possessing a look similar to a cat makes Jennie's aura of the "Ice Princess" even more charismatic. The urban and luxury image also led to more and more people nickname Jennie "Ice Princess". # Mina (Twice) Twice is a group that always shows their refreshing and lovely energy on stage, but each member is also attracting fans with their own charms. In particular, with the innocent yet urban look, Mina is also chosen as "Ice Princess" representative for Twice. The arrogance expressed when putting on no emotion, along with her innate decent beauty, is a completely different attraction compared to that of Mina when standing on stage. # Shuhua ((G)I-DLE) Member Shuhua of (G)I-DLE - the girl group who has been conquering a series of rookie awards - has been called "Ice Princess" ever since her pre-debut profile photo was revealed. The image of her expressionlessly looking straight into the camera delivered a novel charm and vibe. With her charismatic image on stage, Shuhua has been chosen as a rising "cold beauty" among recent girl groups. [Ảnh] OSEN DB [OSEN = Reporter Sun Mi Kyung] / Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN ▶️

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"Superpowered" EXO rising from crisis to be on top of Kpop

SOS(story of star) - Stories we have never known about the beginnings of the stars, and their own behind-the-scenes stories. Even the top star will have at least one crisis. Sometimes they get entangled in rumors, incidents, and sometimes their performance or work is not as good as expected and tends to fall. Since debuting in 2012, EXO has matured and kept on winning with an incredible speed. However, the boys have experienced several crises. For a while, the group's activities were affected by the dating rumors and the members' continuous withdrawal. However, EXO has overcome everything thanks to their solid fandom and popularity. EXO has achieved a variety of records that make people jealous and is now reaching to the world as representative leader of K-pop. ▶The boys possessing superpowers Since their debut, EXO has delivered a refreshing vibe. Different from other idol groups, EXO's starting point is a group owning a worldview of superpowers. Their worldview was shown through their debut song "Mama". They started working with the concept of juveniles with superpowers, coming to earth from an extrasolar planet called "EXO Planet." The fact that each member is attached to their own superpower such as flame, light, wind, lightning, water, teleportation, etc. has become a distinct feature that helps the public distinguish them from the other group. Even the unit groups have been divided since the beginning. EXO-K operates in Korea and EXO-M targets the Chinese market. The song "Mama" was released simultaneously in both Korean and Chinese versions, helping the group get a lot of positive responses in Korea and abroad right after their debut. As a result, that year, the boys earned a number of rookie awards. ▶ Winning Daesang after a year of debut... Bringing back achievement of one million album copies after 12 years. EXO's "flower road" started in 2013. With their debut full album "XOXO" (470,000 copies sold) and the repackage album vol.1 (530,000 copies sold) released when the group still had a 12-member lineup, EXO reached the record sales of one million copies. It took 12 years for this kind of achievement to appear again in the Korean music industry since 2001 with Kim Gun Mo's album vol.7 or god's album vol.4. At that time, EXO shared their thoughts through their agency, "We sincerely thank the fans who helped the group reach the record sales of one million albums. 2013 will be the year that we cannot forget due to being loved by many people, as well as reaching great results." EXO's repackage full album vol.1 did not only achieve the highest sales record of all albums released in 2013 but also sweep through the music awards. At the "Golden Disc Awards", the group became the first artists to receive both Rookie and Daesang awards after just one year of their debut. The title song "Growl" included in the repackage album vol.1 received a lot of love in both Korea and overseas countries. "Growl" was also chosen by the US Billboard as the best K-Pop song of 2013. Not only the song but the MV was also filmed with the one-take method. Along with that, the choreography was the subject of discussion for everyone. ▶ Crisis came crashing down due to members leaving the group and dating rumors In 2014, the first crisis unexpectedly happened to EXO when they were on the straight road to success. Shortly after the release of their mini-album vol.2 "Overdose" in May 2014, EXO's Chinese member, Kris, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for confirming the existence of an exclusive contract and solely left the group. However, the problem did not stop there yet. Later, another Chinese member - Luhan also filed a lawsuit against SM and decided to leave the group. In 2015, EXO lost another member when Tao set up his studio in China and left. The 12-member line-up has been gradually reduced. However, another crisis happened to the group when members Baekhyun and Taeyeon (SNSD) publicly dated. Dating story between SM's senior and junior has encountered a lot of bad comments. They have also drawn a lot of attention because they are both idols and also a couple that works in the same company. However, when this dating became a hot topic, it had a negative impact on EXO's activities. ▶ EXO-L spreading all over the world It's not an exaggeration to say that EXO-L (EXO's fandom) is present around the world. EXO is holding concerts around the world and meeting fans in different countries. The group has just finished their 4th tour "EXO PLANET #4 – The EℓyXiOn –" in August with a total of 25 concerts in 11 countries around the world, captivating worldwide fans. In particular, EXO also owns the record of holding a Dome Concert in Japan in the shortest time among international artists. After only three years and seven months of their debut, in November 2015, the group held their first Tokyo Dome Concert and was featured in the Japanese press. ▶ Total album sales exceeded 10 million copies EXO has set an amazing record in album sales with their albums, from the debut one to the full album vol.5 "Don't Mess Up My Tempo" released recently. With this achievement, EXO received the Daesang in the Album category at the "Golden Disc Awards" for four consecutive years (the 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st awards ceremonies). During that four-year period, no other singer could compete against EXO's album sales. Recently, the group continued to gain a new title, which is the first to achieve a total album sales of 10 million copies among the singers who debuted after 2000. The full album vol.4 "The War" released in July 2017 exhibited a vigorous spirit when being the album with 1 million copies sold in the shortest time. After setting a record of the total album sales of 10 million copies, Baekhyun expressed his gratitude to the fans in an interview, "Each member of us is doing our best, maybe thanks to that, EXO has regularly got these great records. Besides, thanks to the encouragement and support of EXO-L fan club, EXO has become popular for such a quick period of time." Reporter Kim Yeon Ji kim Photo = SM Entertainment, The Daily Sports Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN! ▶

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Beautiful "Santa girl" Hyeri VS Kang Ye Bin's conservative style

A collection of Korean artists' best and worst outfits in the day with the fairest comparison and evaluation. <BEST> Hyeri (Girl's Day) Hyeri put on an outfit perfectly portraying the year-end atmosphere of December. Appearing as a model for a hangover cure brand, she transformed into a "Santa girl". Hyeri put on a red velvet dress, confidently posed, at the same time showing off her own refreshing and cute charm. She also looked perfect with every detail on the dress, capturing everyone's eyes. The moderate knee-length dress with a lovely design helped to enhance the waistline. Hyeri emphasized her cute charm with the half-ponytail hairstyle. ZN (Laboum) Laboum had a year-end comeback with a black and red concept. Although they are basic colors, the design with lively details has made the outfit more impressive. Among various costumes showing the characteristics of the members, ZN has showcased her outstanding dressing ability. Choosing a short skirt, she managed to show off her sexiness with a side slit. The black top highlighting ZN's body with no excess fat became even more eye-catching when delicately utilizing the mesh pattern. The singer's chic charm on stage was even more evident when she wore a pair of high-heel boots. <WORST> Song Yoon Ah Song Yoon Ah exuded an elegant and graceful charm. However, although this was a launching event of a beauty care brand, she made people feel regretful when choosing simplicity instead of fanciness. The outfit gave off a feeling it was the attire of a madam appearing in dramas or movies. Overall, the biggest problem is that the dress's length made her look older. In addition, the scarf mixed with the jacket also seems to have added 10 more years to her age. But for Song Yoon Ah's "ageless" beauty, this would have been an outfit hard to pull off. Kang Ye Bin Kang Ye Bin - who known as a sexy star - suddenly hid her body. Though she chose a flannel two-piece dress with checkered patterns which is currently in vogue, this dress does not look high-class at all. The length of the dress did not match Kang Ye Bin's height, so it covered up her fingers. Moreover, it seems that the ankles were intentionally revealed. The only impressive point is the belt showing Kang Ye Bin's ant-waist that is worth feeling proud of. Reporter Hwang Ji Young Everything Idol, Everyday Exclusive V TODAY OPEN!

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